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Super Junior Sets the Record with Their 100th World Tour Concert

On the afternoon of September 21, Super Junior held a press conference for “Super Junior World Tour Super Show 6.” This concert would be their 100thworld tour concert. They revealed their thoughts on this amazing achievement, “We’re so honored and emotional to hold the title of being the first Korean artist to reach 100 world tour concerts. We’ll always think of ourselves as the representative Korean national team anywhere we go. Thank you.”

Kangin added, “We prepared a lot for this concert, especially Shindong andEunhyuk who put a lot of effort and sweat into it. Please look forward to it.”

Heechul also said, “We’ll do our best to fill in Yesung’s empty space.”

Their 100th world tour concert record is special, since it would be the first for a Korean group to make it this far. With this concert, Super Junior made a mark on history in the entertainment industry.

With the sixth sequence in the branded “Super Show” series, Super Junior has had three Asian tours and two world tours since 2008. They have had a total of 97 concerts and a cumulative audience of 1,350,000 fans. Living up to their reputation, this “Super Show 6” is expected to show the group’s unique charms with highly perfected performances.

“Super Show 6” opened its first set of concerts in Seoul this past September 19 and will continue until September 21. Then they will continue their tour in Tokyo on October 29 through October 30.

Congratulations to Super Junior! Check out some of their behind the scenes snapshots below:

921 super junior 100th concert collage 1

921 super junior 100th concert collage 2

7 Cute idol managers you’ll wanna check out!

Imagine you’re at the airport. You’re with your fandom flock, vocally prepared and camera-ready. Your favorite idol, oppa, future husband, and the perfect photogenic being comes into view. You snap a billion pictures to savor his visage when all of a sudden—”Excuse me, Miss. Please don’t take pictures"—a hand gently brushes you aside as you gaze upon an unexpected surprise for the eyes. Helloooooo manager! 


Managers. Your idol’s bodyguard, the hidden backstage gem. There’s even some managers that are so good looking that they even have their own fan club! Heck, they could be idols themselves! But rather than bask in the limelight, they choose to stay in the shadows and support their idol prince and princesses like noble knights. K-Pop material? Maybe not. But fangirl-worthy material? Oh, yes

Check out these 7 cute idol managers and their fancams to see for yourself!

EXO-K manager Lee Seung Hwan

Is that Jo In Sung? Wait, Lee Kwang Soo? Nope, it’s Lee Seung HwanEXO-K's hunk of a manager with the killer combo of Jo In Sung's chiseled face and Lee Kwang Soo's lanky form. Judging by this guy's towering height, it's no wonder he was chosen to battle EXO's sea of sasaeng fans. He could probably carry members out bridal style if he had to. Go manager go!

[Fancam] 120728 Seunghwan Oppa Manager’s EXO-K @ Mini Live in Bangkok

MBLAQ manager: Byeongki

Hiding behind the beastly MBLAQ idols is the cute and gentle Bunny Byeongki. Byeongki has this shy and soft-spoken look to him that makes him an adorable mystery to many.

[Fancam] Byeongki oppa (MBLAQ’s manager) Sunshine :: Byeongki♥me {Aprilfoolday}

IU’s manager

IU's manager is known as a cutie among fans for his Bieber-fabulous hair, stoic expressions, and playful relationship with IU. Boy gives off a protective, older brother-like vibe, making fangirls squeal and hunker for some oppa love to be shown their way. 

아이유 보다 인기 많은 매니저 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

SHINHWA’s manager: Kim Bo Geun

Behold. Standing behind the timelessly handsome SHINHWA is member Eric's manager, the flowerboy Kim Bo Geun. As the visual of SHINMA (SHINHWA managers), he doesn’t have much to say, but doesn’t need to! With his sweet smile and boyish charm, Kim Bo Geun just needs to stand there and look pretty to keep his own group of fangirls happy. 

[FanCam] 보근 at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (2013.07.05)

Lee Seung Gi’s manager

Lee Seung Gi's manager got all the ladies' interests peaked when he made headlines for his good looks back in 2011. Lee Seung Gi was proud to show his trophy manager off, claiming that the manager was actually better looking than himself. While I can't say I necessarily agree with proud-as-a-mama Lee Seung Gi (he's quite the catch himself), Lee Seung Gi's manager certainly holds his own on screen and could pass for a celebrity himself.  

ent news 26 8 tvN E!News Lee Seung Gi’s manager

CUBE manager: Hong Jin Taek

CUBE Entertainment fans may know of Hong Jin Taek, as this manager has worked with both B2ST and 4minute. With his bushy set of eyebrows and a cute smirk that sets him apart from the regular brand of hotties, Hong Jin Taek has a face that is like a mix ofSuper Junior's Siwon and 2PM's Taecyeon, creating the manliest of manly looks. 

4minute manager

Super Junior’s manager Kim Jung Hoon

Last but certainly not least is Super Junior’s legendary ’Prince Manager’, or Kim Jung Hoon. With his prominent V-line jaw to outline his dashing face, the ever busy Kim Jung Hoon is deemed a prince by fans for his “ELF”-like looks that put him on par with the rest of Super Junior. 

111126 prince manager of Super Junior — 김정훈

That rounds up our list of 7 cute idol managers worth checking out. Let us know in the comments which ones you’d holla at. I know I have quite a few. Hey Do Manager haaayy.

Just kidding, he’s fictional. Ahahaha. Aha…

[Updated] ZE:As leader Lee Hoo (Junyoung) reveals he’ll be revealing explosive secrets about Star Empire’s CEO

ZE:A's leader Lee Hoo (formerly Junyoung) has some explosive revelations to the world.

He started off his series of explosive tweets with, “Everyone, you know I love you, right?”. He continued, “My profile photo is of the Japanese athlete Tanaka, who made our ZE:A’s Taeheon hurt. I want to hate him a lot.. But I felt again that professionals and amateurs are different. Was it two years ago? I went onto KBS' 'Dream Team' and broke my leg. If I didn't have this metal pin in my leg..

He added, “Even if I get hit 10 times, break my nose, and fracture my face, I want to at least hit him just once.. But.. I heard that it is his retiring match.. I calm my heart once again today with a sigh.. Anyway, that fighter will not forget his retiring match. He won against Korea’s idol group ZE:A and retired cooly. Taeheon’s surgery went well and he’s now out of the hospital. And now it might be late.. but I send him my applause. Fighter Tanaka, please live happily. I hope you know that your retiring match was not that sweet.

He continued, “I hope you know that loss became a sea of tears for someone and that a lot of people were sacrificed.. Since you are a professional and a man, I hope you know. From now on, I will live like a man. I watched the match and I felt a lot of things.. I spilled a lot of tears, and I think I know what the scent of a man is." He said, "The photo is of the entrance showmanship, and I shouldn’t have smiled. Ha… I’m bitter. Today, if you are a fan or just anyone else who watched the match, you will understand.. From now on, since I am a man, I will live my life through my heart.

He added, “Ah, and it would have been nice if while Taeheon was bleeding, I asked Fighter Tanaka to stop because I was the leader, his friend, and a member who loved him and we had a concert the next day.. But this is broadcast, right..? I guess you wanted to air him bleeding more. Since it’s broadcast.. Ha." He continued to say, "Would you have still done that if.. Taeheon was, I was, our ZE:A’s fans were or the members were the children you gave birth to yourself? Today as always, I spend all night just sighing. Sigh….~~~~~~~~~~”.

He then said, “From now on, I will communicate and let all the public know what I have been keeping in my heart, what I saw with my eyes, and the life I felt through my tears. Please follow me, everyone. I especially ask the reporters to follow me.." He added, "I will hint and promise that my SNS will be a place for me to cry out all the unfairness. From now on, I will just live as a human and a man. I will not pass by if I see unjustness. I shouldn’t have kept it all in. All that came back to me were useless curses and the depression that trapped me.

He kept tweeting, “There’s nothing long to be said. I believe that a true leader, a true owner, a true king, and a sincere person should know how to listen to the cries of his people. I can’t be tricky like a fox. But I will live justly like a lion. No, that’s just my style, and I won’t hide it." He added, "I will show you what a true leader is, what sacrifice is, and I’ll show you how tears turn to fury. I’m not joking. From now on, fun things will happen. If my Twitter account gets deleted or muted, you can take that to mean that I am being pressured by that kind of influence. But I’ll break it all ^^”.

He continued, “Know that sincerity and truth can connect and move hearts.. and also manipulate it. Now, I will ask the world my first question. Star Empire’s president Shin Joo Hak, who I really trusted and loved…. Is your conscience clear?" He added, "I cried and asked you.. CEO Shin Joo Hak… I asked you not to cross the line.. You crossed the line that you shouldn’t have and now you must deal with it. My lid is open. I have dealt with everything, from hair loss to depression. Be prepared… President, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. All I wanted was a warm word.

He added, “You always said, be a man.. Be a man.. I’ll show you what it really means to live as a man. I’m not Jesus, but I’m a child of God, and I’ll trust in God and start war." He added, "I even attempted [suicide].. I saw my parents crying tears of blood in front of the family that I loved. President Shin, cry the same tears. Why? It was so unfair, and I was getting so weak and hideous. But I was a man so I decided I’d die before I got even more hideous.

He said, “My fans, my parents, the parents of the 9 members, and everyone in the world. Why do you think CEO Shin Joo Hak raised me as a killer? Now, I’ll return it back to you. Be prepared. Starting tomorrow, I will be uploading data. No, I’ll explode it. Do you remember when I asked if you were laughing at me?”. He added, “I’ll let you know how it feels like for that laughter to turn into horror. You called us your children, right? Your sons? Now, let me ask you the first question. All the money that those 9 sons made bleeding and crying… Where did it all go? Reply with your hand on your heart.

He said, “I’ll finish here for today.. You said that you were the company’s owner and CEO, and yelled at me to respect you, right? I’ll respect you… I grit my teeth today as well and I’ll stand back. Have a nice day.. CEO.. Why did you do this? I asked… I asked you to please stop." He added, "Ah, and I forgot something. If you threaten or try to buy out the rest of the 8 ZE:A members, I will do the same back to you. I’m prepared to break that as well so stop, president. I’m not going to bear it any longer.

He said, “Those kids… ZE:A.. They’re my children. I’m an only child and when I was lonely, they became like brothers to me.. Don’t touch them.. They’re mine. Don’t take anything away from me anymore. I’ll become a killer to protect my members and our fans.. God, please help me and listen to my prayers.

He concluded, “From now on, I will fight to protect my people. Lord.. Please forgive me for having bad thoughts and acting badly for a bit.. As much as I believe in you, believe in me.. I will work to clear the blame of the singers who are being unfairly blamed. Amen..

[UPDATE 1] — Lee Hoo has now deleted all the tweets that he posted today except two, his first one asking everyone if they know he loves them, and the one about how a king is someone who should know to listen to the cries of his people.

[UPDATE 2] — Lee Hoo has changed his Twitter profile name to read ‘Moon Junyoung and that Lee Hoo’, which is a play on words as ‘geu lee-hoo’ means ‘afterwards’ or ‘after that’. He also posted two tweets, further showing his firm stance against Star Empire and anyone who may try to side with the agency.

He wrote, "Portal sites, I’m disappointed. Don’t take down the search term and instead raise up ‘Moon Junyoung ZE:A Star Empire corruption CEO Shin Joo Hak’ if you have a son like me. There can’t be another victim… If you keep doing this, I’m going to reveal the 1st [document] now."

He then sent out a warning to anyone who tries to side with Star Empire, stating, "I’m… requesting.. the moment that others and other agencies take Star Empire’s side, I will also open my mouth regarding the corruption of those agencies and reveal documents… Don’t get hurt by this.. You shouldn’t jump into a war that’s not yours. If you can handle it then buy your way out of it with money. You’re an expert at that.. This is just the reality."

Regarding the situation, Star Empire has revealed that they are assessing the situation, and when asked if this could be about money issues, the agency denied the speculations and said everyone has been getting paid accordingly.


Wooow how a brave leader!

It doesn’t seen to be just a matter of finance….

Who would attemp suicide because of financial issues????

TVXQ to release new Japanese single ‘Time Works Wonders’ on November 5th

TVXQ will be releasing their next Japanese single “Time Works Wonders" soon!

The boys had recently released “Sweat/Answer" in Japan, and had also had a Japanese live tour, and they’ve got even more in store for their fans with this new release! 

The single will include the title song “Time Works Wonders”, along with “Baby Don’t Cry”. As with all their Japanese releases, there will be multiple versions. One version will included a DVD with the music video of “Time Works Wonders”, and another version will be an only CD version. There will also be a special version for their Japanese fanbase,Bigeast.

Check out the album covers below and get ready for its release on November 5th!

Former female idols Viki (Dal Shabet), Kim Bo Mi (M.I.L.K), Cho Min Ah (Jewelry) star in trailer for erotic movie ‘A Pharisee’

Three former girl group members Viki (Dal Shabet), Kim Bo Mi (M.I.L.K), and Cho Min Ah (Jewelry) will be starring in an upcoming movie ‘A Pharisee’. 

'A Pharisee' is an erotic movie definitely targeted towards the mature audience. It seems the production company is betting on the former idols' fans to show the movie much interest, as the movie poster specifically mentions, “A hot topic production with first exposure [nudity] of former girl group members!”

A rep affiliated with the movie commented, ”The members, who are of girl group background, already have a steady fan base. Through this new project, they’ll receive even more spotlight with their transformation.”

The plot features main characters Eunji (Viki) who is a girl suffering from the lingering pains of being a victim of rape when she was young, and Seungi (Ye Hak Young) who is a boy who had been suppressing his sexual desires. The story revolves around the two overcoming their past pains through one another.

The movie is set for release on September 25th.

19+ rated trailer

Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee to play prosecutors in upcoming drama ‘Pride and Prejudice’

Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee have been confirmed to star in the upcoming MBCdrama ‘Pride and Prejudice’!

MBC stated on the 19th, “Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee have been cast for ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and have officially entered production.”

With his official casting, Choi Jin Hyuk shared his thoughts; "I am very joyful to greet you as genius prosecutor Goo Dong Chi in ‘Pride and Prejudice’. I think it will be a charming and new character. I ask for a lot of interest and love."

Baek Jin Hee also said, “I am joyful to film with popular actor Choi Jin Hyuk and I am preparing for the filming with a thrilled heart. Although it will be my first time playing a prosecutor, I will do my best to prepare and show viewers another image.”

'Pride and Prejudice' is directed by Kim Jin Min and written by ‘School 2013's Lee Hyun Joo, and centers around a group of prosecutors who fight to protect the poor, weak, and innocent. The drama is set to air following ‘The Night Watchman' in October!

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